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Welcome to the Gothenburg region, West Sweden, one of Europe’s most innovative and sustainable regions, where green spaces and a stunning coastline are never far away. On our site you will find a wealth of information to help you understand the attractiveness of this region and a lot of practical advice on the actual move here. We also offer a host of tools, events and services to help you along the way. 

Find your beat in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden


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Why the Gothenburg region, West Sweden

The innovative companies, the universities, the cities, the nature, the values. There are many reasons why people from all over the world choose to live and work in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden.

West Coast in Sweden
This is West Sweden

West Sweden offers the Best of Sweden, the Best in Sweden.

Learn more about our cities: Borås, Gothenburg, Skövde and Trollhättan

1 st

Most family friendly country in the OECD and EU (Unicef, 2019)

1.7 M

residents in West Sweden

33 %

of Sweden's private R&D investments are made in the county

Upcoming events and activities

We regularly offer knowledge-raising and inspiring seminars and workshops to help you settle in quickly and make the most of your stay in West Sweden. These are also a great way to make new contacts. 

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Career Cabin, International House Gothenburg

Workshop: Career Cabin

International House Gothenburg
8 September, 09:00
Credits: Fernanda Aragao

Workshop: CV Cabin

International House Gothenburg
13 September, 08:30
Credits: Fernanda Aragao

Walking Tour in the center of Gothenburg

International House Gothenburg
15 September, 14:30
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Find your dream job!

Search for English speaking job opportunities in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden and get weekly updates with job opportunities matching your saved searches.

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Create your own checklist

Try our personal guide tool and create a personalised checklist of the practical things you'll need to take care of when moving to Sweden

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Make use of our activities and services

We offer activities, services and guidance for an easy integration into Swedish society. All in one place.

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Estimate the costs and benefits

Use our costs and benefits calculator to get an understanding of your possible life in Sweden.

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