Stora Hamnkanalen in central Gothenburg, in the evening

About International House Gothenburg

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Business Region Göteborg

International House Gothenburg is a meeting place for international talents. It is designed to offer activities, services and guidance for an easy integration into Swedish society. All in one place.

International House Gothenburg is a collaboration between City of Gothenburg, Business Region Göteborg, Region Västra Götaland, Labour Market and Adult Education Committee City of Gothenburg and Move to Gothenburg.


International House is the output of several years of design, planning, and development of the concept lead by Move to Gothenburg. Move to Gothenburg is a collaborative initiative that aims to attract and welcome highly skilled internationals and get them to stay and thrive in the Gothenburg region. The initiative is run within the framework of a regional platform comprising stakeholders from the business community, academia as well as city and region. 

The key service providers presently are Move to Gothenburg, Labour Market and Adult Education Committee and EURES with more to follow.

International House Gothenburg
What we do 

We provide tools, services and activities to support international talents in their settlement process in the Gothenburg region. We, as a city and region, welcome international talents from all corners of the world. This, by gathering information, activities, guidance and services in one place. 

Visit our Career support, where we have several programmes and opportunities for those pursuing a career in the Gothenburg region.

Are you looking to understand the school system, build your social and professional network or have questions about the Swedish working culture? Visit our Advisory services page.

We also organise and offer a number of events that range from career oriented activities to tips on exploring nature. Read more on Events and activities.


International House Gothenburg is located in the centre of Gothenburg, at Järntorget. Find directions here