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Parkgatan 49, 41138 Gothenburg

"How I built a successful business in two years after relocating to Gothenburg." ....Florin Lungu


Learn proven, tested and tried success strategies from a successful business coach and establish and grow your business in Sweden.


If you want to grow your business, or if you have a business overseas and are looking to relocate it to Sweden or you if want to start-up a business here, you will benefit from being in the room.

Florin Lungu will share with us what he has learned in his journey from an engineer in an automotive company in Romania to being a business coach to small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Florin was born in a small mountain town in Romania. He completed technical high-school and thereafter an BSc and MSc in automotive engineering. He started his corporate career and progressed well in a multinational automotive company, first as an engineer, technical leader, then leading a team of fourteen French and Romanian engineers and leading a cross functional project team just before he relocated to Sweden in 2015.

 He started as an engineer at Volvo Cars and after just one year he took on the lead of a development project working specially with Japanese suppliers whom he visited this year.

 However, for the last three years he had desire to make develop personally. This led him to join The John Maxwell Team, the biggest coaching, speaking and training organization in the world and investing massively in his growth. He followed, together with his wife, Florina, the International John Maxwell Certification training in Orlando, Florida and both became certified coach and trainer. At first he used his coaching skills to lead the teams and projects inside the corporate world but just after moving in Gothenburg, he started bringing John Maxwell material to the market and today he is running a coaching and training business together whit his wife, providing advanced thinking strategies for growth oriented entrepreneurs to help them achieve the ultimate goal of any entrepreneur, freedom.

 He will help with ideas on how entrepreneurs can grow their businesses, but will also give tips on matters regarding moving and settling into Gothenburg.