Open desk

Open Desk 21 February 2018

Are you a newly arrived international in Gothenburg, here to work or study? In the process of settling down into a new life in Gothenburg, are there any questions you would like answers to, but are not sure whom to ask?

West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Parkgatan 49

Questions like,

  • How can I apply for preschool for my children?
  • Do I need to register at Försäkringskassan when I arrive here?
  • How do I go about trying to contact a specialist dentist?
  • Can you help me find a particular sports club?
  • Can I use the public library?


Move To Gothenburg welcomes you to the Open Desk service, which supports and serves foreign citizens who work and study in Gothenburg. With this service, we provide you with insight and understanding about living in the Gothenburg region.

This initiative is in cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen, the state owned employment agency which will be present at each session to guide and direct jobseekers.

This is an invitation to drop-in for global talents and families, working and studying, in Gothenburg region.

Our aim is to support and serve as guidance how to navigate in day to day living matters concerning family, health and work. Please note we will not be able to serve with authority related concerns like tax or immigration.