Career programme

Shape your career in Gothenburg-A programme to help create your professional success

Are you newly arrived, or an accompanying partner, now in Gothenburg, West sweden? We offer a training programme that will help you continue your career here in Sweden.

West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Parkgatan 49, 41138 Gothenburg

Designed for professionals and people with a tertiary education, the programme consists of five sessions with professional trainers with different expertise and backgrounds.

The aim is to give you knowledge, a better understanding, and new insights to help you pursue a career here in Gothenburg.

We will run the programme with a maximum of 12 participants. Early registration is recommended to guarantee a place in the programme. Participants should bring a PC or tablet with wifi capability.


Session 1 - 23/10/2018 

  • Introduction

by Pernilla Johansson, Move To Gothenburg, Development Manager

  • Focusing your offer and develop your personal brand
  • Get connected: Grow your own network and seek out others
  • Make your first impressions count.

by Nicola Stockmann, Grey Gothenburg

Session 2 - 26/10/2018 

  • A.Evaluate the professional opportunities available, take stock of your skills and map your strengths. Create your plan!
  • B.Jobmarket in Sweden, shortage and demand. How to approach the Swedish jobmarket as a recent international arrival.

by A. Leena Dhankher Joshi, Move To Gothenburg,  B. Peter Karancsi, Arbetsförmedlingen

Session 3 - 6/11/2018 

  • Your digital footprint - enhance your reputation
  • The importance of social media consistency for your personal brand; update your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Making the most of Linkedin - How to increase your Linkedin views
  • How to ensure you are at the top of a Google search

by Nicola Stockmann, Grey Gothenburg

Session 4 - 9/11/2018 

  • The Recruitment process, step by step
  • Write or rewrite your updated CV
  • Where do I find job postings

by Filipa Rodrigues Simões, PS Partner

Session 5 - 16/11/2018 

  • Swedish business culture – with awareness by Charlotta Brynger, Cue Me
  • Pitch, My offer, personal branding – who are you!
  • Followed by feedback.
  • Hand out of Certificates and wrap up!


Additional session and photoshoot on 7/11 from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

For more information and to register, please email Programme Coordinator Pernilla Johansson