Textile fashion centre in Borås

Borås - A creative, fashion powerhouse and a city of doers

Do you want to live in a multi-cultural, creative city where you will wander past street art on your way to work and where textiles, culture and innovation are part of the fabric that knits the city together? Find out from international talents why Borås is so special and how they are helping to create the future.

How people and companies in Borås are helping to create the future

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Why Borås is special

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    People from around the world who have made Borås their home, describe Borås in three words.

  • Why Borås is right for you

    Taimur from Pakistan, Tugba from Turkey, Sunil from India, Lama from Syria and Jonas, Erik and Niklas from Sweden explain why Borås is a great place to live.

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Living and working in Borås

Borås is a special place with a forward-thinking mindset that is intent on playing its role in developing a sustainable world. By combining creative talents with a city of doers enables Borås to be in a great position to help design and create the future.

Knowledge, expertise and creativity from Borås are playing a leading role in developing the circular economy in the fashion and textile world. Borås has built infrastructure to help facilitate this transformation and the University of Borås collaborates closely with industry and the city to make sure it' helping to solve challenges for business and society.

Borås is also home to many Swedish e-commerce companies, who are often home to future thinkers who want to create the solutions of the future. With a collaborative approach to doing business, lots of opportunities and a great work-life balance, Borås is an easy choice to make. 

Work is only one aspect of life in Borås. Great leisure, cultural activities and having more free time enables international talents to have a great quality of life.

Whether you want to go rock climbing, play cricket, go cross-country skiiing, mountain biking, hike in the woods, go to the theatre or a festival, Borås plenty of options for you, so you can enjoy work and life. Are you ready to live in your next city? Welcome to Borås!


An image of the green city of Borås
Image; Per Pixel Petersson