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Gothenburg - A green, sociable city with soul!

Do you want to live in the world's most sustainable destination? An international city next to the sea, full of green spaces and pulsating with people enjoying life and in meaningful work? Find out from international talents why Gothenburg is so special and how they are helping to create the future.

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Living and working in Gothenburg

Do you want to live in a city by the coast and the forest? Gothenburg is a multicultural city with a friendly spirit and a quality of life that will make you feel at home straight away.

In Gothenburg, you will experience fresh air, idylic sunsets, a good work-life balance and the choice of so many life-enriching options for the evenings and weekends. 

Enjoy the mix of cosy theatres and high end productions, unique music venues, a great food scene, island hopping, micro breweries, the choice of swimming in the sea or lakes, take in the stunning coastline, experience beautiful parks in the city to unwind in and have a bbq. Breath, smile and pinch yourself that you made this decision.

You can live on islands off the coast, in one of the coolest neighbourhood in Europe (according to the Guardian), by large stretches of coast line, close to nature and forests or in the city - the choice is yours!

Gothenburg breathes culture and has scandinavia's biggest film festival, Sweden's biggest book fair, a large fringe festival and a great music scene to name just a few.

Gothenburg has previously been voted the most sociable city in the world, is home to the world's largest half-marathon and has a special mindset and spirit. 

Families can take advantage of the great work life balance, close proximity to nature and activities for children, with lots of musuems, activities and childrens parks, including a unique rain park, that comes to life with even more activities when it rains.

Gothenburg has many companies leading the way in creating a sustainable world. It is the most innovative region in Europe and has a unique collaborative spirit. Gothenburg has lots of opportunities for international professionals and has large hubs in electrification, mobility, life science, sustainability and textiles.

With a stunning coastline to the west featuring tranquil islands, and forests and lakes to the south and east. Gothenburg is surrounded by beautiful nature to explore when you want a break from the city. You will soon wonder why you didn't move to Gothenburg earlier. Welcome to Gothenburg!

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