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Trollhättan - A charming, beautiful and joyful city

Do you want to live in a calm, homely city next to water that places great emphasis on culture and prioritising a balanced life and career? Find out from international talents why Trollhättan is so special and how they are helping to create the future.

How people and companies in Trollhättan are helping to create the future

  • Trollhättan is helping to create the future

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  • International talents are helping to create the future

    Watch some of the exciting initiatives people who have moved to Trollhättan from outside of Sweden are working on.

  • Which international talents does Trollhättan need?

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Why Trollhättan is special

  • Trollhättan in three words

    Trollhättan described in three words by people from around the world who have made Trollhättan their home.

  • Why Trollhättan is right for you

    Mohit from India, Weiting from China, Hajar from Morocco and Anna from Sweden explain why Trollhättan is such a great place to live.


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Living and working in Trollhättan

Trollhättan is a city that captivates international talents and is playing a significant role in helping to build the future of the automotive and aerospace sectors.

The size of the city, closeness to nature, culture and activities for families allows you to make the most of your free time and establish a great work-life rhythm.

With plenty of free space, nature trails to go hiking or running in, Trollhättan is a small city that offers everything you need. Living so close to both water and the forest gives people energy and helps provide a great richness to life.

The openess to ideas and willingness to collaborate gives you a special work environment to really make your mark.

Having a healthy work-life balance, lots of fresh air and a can do attitude has never felt so good! Welcome to Trollhättan!

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