Career Cabin, International House Gothenburg
Career Cabin, International House Gothenburg

Career Cabin Onsite

Date and time27 January 2023, 09:00 - 12:00
International House Gothenburg
Location and address International House Gothenburg, Järnvågsgatan 3, 413 27 Gothenburg
Sub categories International business

If you are an international talent looking to localise your approach towards the Swedish job market, here to work, study or as an accompanying partner, do join us at this on-site workshop. We will provide tailored guidance, tools and information to help you in this process.


At the session, we will present the following topics:

  • Career related matters, namely how you can localise your job search in Sweden
  • How to enhance your network in a digital way using LinkedIn
  • How to grow your professional network in Sweden
  • You can also seek specific feedback about your CV and how to best work on it directly*


Please be ready to work on your LinkedIn profile, give others feedback, interact and work with your own documents.

This is a group session (5-15 participants) where you will learn and meet others with similar needs as yours.T he workshop will include presentations, exercises, and a Q&A.

Note: *In this case please share your CV in advance and be aware that feedback will be open within the group as this is a group session.

Our advisers

  • Thomas Engel, EURES Adviser from the Swedish Public Employment Service
  • Madalina Magnusson, EURES Adviser from International House Gothenburg
  • Lovisa Bohlin, International Talent Adviser from International House Gothenburg
  • Jessica Humleklo, International Talent Adviser from International House Gothenburg
  • Kajsa Bengtsson, Career guidance counsellor, City of Gothenburg city, Labour market and adult education department 


Join us to grow your own network and seek out others. Be more informed. Be more inspired. Work on your personal brand.


To ensure your participation, please register by 25 January.


Send us your CV and Cover letter for feedback  

After you have registered, please send your CV and an example of your Cover letter to before 25 January.


A warm welcome! 

To protect the environment, we strive to organize our events in premises that are easy to reach by bike, on foot or by public transport. The nearest stop for this event is Järntorget. We also offer digital participation in our events, whenever possible and appropriate. 

We might record and/or photograph this event and publish in our channels. We will only use the material in communication linked to the event. Tell us before the event starts if you do not want to be photographed.

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