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How to attract and recruit international talents - training course for employers

23 March 2023, 09:00 - 9 May 2023, 12:00
Järnvågsgatan 3, 413 27 Gothenburg

Do you recruit international talents? Do you need to recruit international talents to fill a skill / competency gap? 

Recruiting talents from overseas is different. To ensure your company gets the best result from hiring international talents, we have developed a new training course to provide you with the tools, knowledge and confidence you need. The training is focused on three areas:


·        How to attract international talentIn this session you will learn how to use and align your employer brand with the regional value proposition to be more attractive to international talents and how you can attract international candidates with your companies unique selling point.


·        How to recruit and onboard international talentYou will hear practical advice and learn the differences between international and national recruitment. You’ll also be given an overview of the process for work permits from an immigration expert. During the session you will get lots of practical tips to help you onboard international talents, including onboarding outside of work.


·        How to retain and develop international talentThe last afternoon session will have practical case study examples including “The personal touch to the international recruitment process” and a look at tools you can use to retain and develop international talents.


After the training, you will:

·        Understand the recruitment process for international talents and how to attract the international talents you need

·        Understand the work permit and relocation process

·        Have tools for the onboarding of international talents – inside and outside of work

·        Develop an outline plan for how to retain and develop international talents

And much more.


Sign up below:The training is also a great way to share knowledge and experiences with your peers in other companies in the region. Places will be strictly limited.



Proposed dates dates for the training (these dates preliminary and may change):  

23 March, 18 April, 9 May



SEK 9,995 per person, Move to Gothenburg partners get a 50% discount.


To protect the environment, we strive to organize our events in premises that are easy to reach by bike, on foot or by public transport. The nearest stop for this event is Järntorget. We also offer digital participation in our events, whenever possible and appropriate. 

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