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Pecha Kucha - network with internationals in Gothenburg

20 September 2023, 17:00 - 19:00
Järnvågsgatan 3, 413 27 Gothenburg

Come and get inspired! Meet internationals from the Netherlands, Croatia, Cuba, Brazil, Ukraine, Sweden, Greece and Finland and hear their stories about living in Gothenburg and what brought them here.

Pecha Kucha means "chit chat" in Japanese and is a presentation format established in 700 cities worldwide. It has been around in Gothenburg for about 15 years and now we are doing it for the first time in English at International House Gothenburg.

Pecha Kucha has a tempo that appeals to the audience. The presentation has a special format that allows 20 slides to be presented during 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This gives the speaker 20 seconds per slide, forcing the speaker to maintain a pace that keeps the audience interested.

At this event, you will meet 10-12 people from all over the world who for various reasons have ended up in Gothenburg telling their story. This will be a fun and fast-paced evening that you won't want to miss!

Please RSVP by 18 September.

A warm welcome! 

If you have further questions, please contact


To protect the environment, we strive to organize our events in premises that are easy to reach by bike, on foot or by public transport. The nearest stop for this event is Järntorget. We also offer digital participation in our events, whenever possible and appropriate. 

We might record and/or photograph this event and publish in our channels. We will only use the material in communication linked to the event. Tell us before the event starts if you do not want to be photographed.

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Credits: Fernanda Aragao

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