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Walking Tour in the center of Gothenburg

15 September 2023, 14:30 - 16:00
Järnvågsgatan 3, 413 27 Gothenburg

Start or improve your integration process by joining a tour that includes learning about the history of Gothenburg.   

Your guide will be Peter Winroth, experienced authorized Guide, who will lead you for a tour in the city center of Gothenburg. You will find out valuable information and stories about and around Roselundgatan, Feskekörka, Haga, Järntorget, Skansen Kronan. You will not only learn about the city, but also about how and why it developed and expanded during 400 years, and have the possibility to meet perhaps friends in Gothenburg. 



 14:30 – 14:45 Registration at International House Gothenburg 

 14:45 – 15:00 Ready for the Tour 

 15:00 – Start the Tour from The International House Gothenburg 

 16:00 – End of the Tour around Järntorget and Welcome back at the International House Gothenburg. 


Please RSVP by 12 September.  

 Dress properly to be comfortable as the tour will be outdoors. 


A warm welcome! 

If you have further questions, please contact




To protect the environment, we strive to organize our events in premises that are easy to reach by bike, on foot or by public transport. The nearest stop for this event is Järntorget. We also offer digital participation in our events, whenever possible and appropriate. 

We might record and/or photograph this event and publish in our channels. We will only use the material in communication linked to the event. Tell us before the event starts if you do not want to be photographed.

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Walking Tour in the center of Gothenburg

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