A photo of the crane and bridge in Eriksberg, Gothenburg

How we can help you!

Move to Gothenburg markets and promotes the Gothenburg region, West Sweden to relevant and skilled international professionals.

Your company can benefit from several of our tools that will help you to attract and recruit international talents.

Below, we highlight four areas and you hear from Matti Ahlqvist, the Executive Director of the Gothenburg site of AstraZeneca, on the importance of their work with us and of showcasing the region.

Why AstraZeneca choose to showcase the region

Social media campaigns

Our social media campaigns showcase the great career opportunities, quality of life and lifestyle for international talents in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden. We have reached more than 15 million relevant and skilled international talents through our social media campaigns. You can watch a reel of some of our campaigns below.


Job portal

Our job portal lists every english-speaking job in West Sweden. Open positions are taken from the career pages of our partner companies and the Arbetsförmedlingen website.

Our partner companies benefit from being displayed top of the rankings of search results for similar job queries. 

Here you can reach skilled international talents who are interested in moving to or those who are already living in West Sweden.

Talent pool

We have a talent pool for international professionals who are interested in moving to West Sweden. Our talent pool has more than 1,600 skilled international professionals, including more than 350 engineers and 200 software developers.

Professionals in the talent pool can be matched with relevant job opportunities and are sent information about career opportunities and marketing content showcasing life in West Sweden.

Our global mobility and communication network

This a great chance for you to meet peers in West Sweden and share knowledge, experience and network. Our network events also feature exciting speakers who inspire, move and create debate around topical issues.

Being part of Move to Gothenburg is more important than ever as the competition for international top talent is greater than ever.
- Cecilia Hallengren Aronsson, Senior Vice President, People & Culture, Volvo Group

Meet us 

We would be happy to meet you to talk through your challenges recruiting internationally, how Move to Gothenburg may be able to help and how we collaborate and partner with different companies and organisations. To book a meeting, email Niklas, Head of Move to Gothenburg on niklas.delersjo@movetogothenburg.com or click on the 'Book a meeting' button below and book a time directly.