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Career Support

International House Gothenburg offers several programmes and opportunities for your self-development from a career perspective. They are available at regular intervals and you can choose the one most suited to your requirements. Learn more about our programmes below.

Your career in the Gothenburg region

Career Programme is a self-development training programme suited for international talents and professionals with tertiary education, pursuing a career in the Gothenburg region. We will map your strengths and guide you with the right tips and knowledge to prepare you for the Swedish job market. 

We also invite external speakers that will talk about business culture, recruiting process and inspirational speakers who themselves moved to Gothenburg and made their business trip. Career Programme is held once per semester and consists of four sessions with expert trainers and speakers in their fields.

The sessions are designed for international professionals or 2nd year international Master's students, who are ready to approach the Swedish job market.   

Join this programme in order to  

  • Grow your network. 
  • Make your first impressions count. 
  • Evaluate professional opportunities available. 
  • Create your plan! 

Programme framework

  • Session 1: You and Your skills
  • Session 2: You and the Swedish Labour Market
  • Session 3: You and the Swedish Culture & You and your journey - inspiration and tips from an international talent
  • Session 4: You and the recruitment process
  • Session 5: You and your brand


Check the events calendar to see when the next Career Programme starts.

  • ca. 250

    foreign professionals take part in our career cabins each year

International House Gothenburg

Your development

Your Development is a group career counselling program that is appropriate for everyone, no matter if you are an experienced professional wanting to change your career while employed or if you are seeking new opportunities. This is done through a range of

We offer three sessions of Group career counselling: Self-awareness, Choice and selection, and Decision making and implementation. In the sessions, we will aim to develop a greater understanding of the factors influencing our career development, including personality, interests, capabilities, values and background. You will also be able to discuss strategies that will help you make better decisions regarding your own goals and needs.

This program is organised by our experts from Labour Market and Adult Education Committee City of Gothenburg.

International House Gothenburg

You and the Swedish Labour Market

You and the Swedish Labour Market comprises a series of workshops related to labour market matters and is suited for those who are looking for a job in Sweden.

During the first session you will learn about the Swedish labour market, shortages and surpluses, where to find potential employers and how to approach them before formally applying.

Part two is about the Swedish styled CV, its content, structure and language. You will share your CV with other participants, and both give and receive feedback on it.

During the third and last part, you will sharpen your cover letter and consider preparations for a job interview.

The workshops will be held by Thomas Engel, EURES adviser at Arbetsförmedlingen, Swedish Public Employment Service

International House Gothenburg

Career Cabin

Career Cabin is a workshop that suits you who want to localise your approach towards the Swedish job market. We will also go into how you can enhance your network digitally using LinkedIn and provide feedback on your CV, for those who require it.

Career Cabin, that is a group session where you will meet others with similar needs, is held every other Friday, in a three-hour workshop with our experts from Move to Gothenburg, EURES, and Labour Market and Adult Education Committee City of Gothenburg.

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