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Events and activities

At International House Gothenburg we organise and offer a number of events to meet the needs of our talents. These range from career oriented activities to tips on exploring nature, from understanding the Swedish school system to the business culture.

Some of our regular and highly rated events are

Newcomers information gathering

These events are meant for those who have recently arrived in Sweden and want to get a better understanding of how to settle in, we aim to provide handy information that will make the process easier.

These events will provide tips and insights that you might find useful as a newcomer to a city or country, along the following lines: Employment and the process, education and training, health, community and leisure, city information. 

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Swedish Business Culture

Understanding culture is an important part of settling into life in a new country. We act, react and communicate differently, for e.g. to a crisis (look at our various strategies for Covid), according to our cultural background.

These events focus on Business Culture for professionals in West Sweden and will help you understand Swedish culture better.

How to buy property in Sweden

These events are designed to help those who are interested to know more about the process of buying a house or an apartment. If you know that you will stay in Gothenburg for a long period of time, perhaps you would consider buying your own house or apartment.

Get started with Swedish

In our globalised world, mastering the language of your business partners and understanding their culture is the key to success. English may well be the default corporate language throughout Sweden, but not being able to understand when coworkers switch to Swedish or failing to understand what people say during “fika”, might mean that you miss an opportunity. 

The Swedish School System

As an international professional who has recently arrived with your family in West Sweden, you may want to understand more about the foundations of the Swedish school system. These events will provide you with valuable insights and provide an overview about how individual learning, equality, and personal liberty foster innovation and creativity in an educational system ranked as one of the best worldwide. 

Man standing in Swedish forest.
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Explore the beautiful nature and trails of West Sweden

The Gothenburg region, West Sweden offers amazing hiking trails and nature paths for people of all ages and abilities, most of them winding through breathtaking scenery. Within an hour from the city centre you will find big granite cliffs, incredible beech forests, flowing rivers and wooded hills stretching for miles.

Fredrik Schenholm, from ’Det Vilda Göteborg’ (The Wild Gothenburg), an adventure guide service will share some amazing nature experiences and fun adventures in the Gothenburg region.

Upcoming events and activities

We regularly offer knowledge-raising and inspiring seminars and workshops to help you settle in quickly and make the most of your stay in West Sweden. These are also a great way to make new contacts.

All upcoming events and activities
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21 Feb
EVENTS  -  21 Feb

Career Programme Spring 2024

Are you a newly arrived professional, accompanying partner or an international Master's student looking to start your career in West Sweden? We are pleased to offer this self-development training programme for international talents and professionals with tertiary education, pursuing a career in t...
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Photo: Anna Kuylenstierna
26 Feb
EVENTS  -  26 Feb

Workshop: Highlight Your Key Skills on LinkedIn

Join Our Workshop - "Highlight Your Key Skills on LinkedIn"!  Your LinkedIn profile is more than just an online resume; it's your personal brand, a digital representation of your skills, accomplishments, and aspirations. Don't let it go unnoticed! 
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29 Feb
EVENTS  -  29 Feb

Creative Mornings February 2024

As the nations transform and become more diverse and nationalities get tangled, the concept of “native” seems more complex. Maybe in the future, the word “native” will lose meaning, and it will become impossible to know who the native ones of a country are. 
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