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Support for accompanying partners

Have you accompanied your partner as they moved to work or study in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden? We offer a range of activities that can help you during your stay.

Welcome! You are going to have an exciting journey.

Moving with a partner to a new country is exciting and opens up a world of possibilities you might not have considered before. Of course, there can be challenges but usually, with a bit of support and some planning, you can overcome the teething issues and build the life you seek for yourself.

There are several options available to you, to study, work, set up a business, be a home-maker, or a volunteer. We offer activities that can suit your needs depending on your immediate or long-term plans in West Sweden.

If you are keen to start your career, you should join us for our Career Programme, a popular series we run twice a year. We also offer several career-related services, please read more about them below.

In addition, we offer a wide range of activities, such as seminars on study options, buying a property in Sweden and the region's offering of nature trails, which can help you get set up and get the most out of stay. These are also a great opportunity to make new contacts.

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Career support

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Create your own checklist

Try our personal guide tool and create a personalised checklist of the practical things you'll need to take care of when moving to Sweden

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Socialising and Networking

Here you will find a list of websites, social networking groups, religious congregations and sports clubs where you can start building your social life.

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Top tips to find a home in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden.

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