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Support for Families

Have you moved to West Sweden with your family, or are you planning to? Sweden is regularly ranked as one of the top countries to bring up children. The social benefits support family life and the leisure opportunities ensure you can build a happy family life here.

Welcome! You and your family are going to love your time here.

You've heard the saying, travel is a great educator. Moving with your family to a new country can be both an educative and adventurous experience. families that move abroad report becoming more close knit and enjoying their time together in ways they would not in their home countries. 


Canoing in West Sweden

Events and activities

To events and activities
Camping in the archipelago


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Try our personal guide tool and create a personalised checklist of the practical things you'll need to take care of when moving to Sweden.

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Socialising and networking

Here you will find a list of websites, social networking groups, religious congregations and sports clubs where you can start building your social life.

Where to start?

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