EURES makes the job mobility easier in EU

When it comes to relocating within EU countries, EURES plays an important role.
When it comes to relocating within EU countries, EURES plays an important role.

EURES makes the job mobility easier in EU for those in pursuit of new opportunities in Sweden. Although whenever we say the word migration, the first thing that comes to our mind is "migration to Europe", there is another aspect of the concept: Moving within EU countries. Since the EU regulations allow European citizens to settle in any European country, many prefer to relocate for better work and life conditions. In fact, the numbers prove the situation.

According to Eurobarometer, almost 1 in 5 Europeans imagine doing so in the future (18%). And of those who envisage working abroad, a majority (60%) plan to do so within the next five years. Nearly half (48%) of Europeans think working abroad will help them do their job better, and almost four in ten (39%) would look abroad for improved job opportunities. The main reasons for relocation within EU countries are to earn more money and work under better conditions.  

Sweden, which suffers from a talent shortage in some industries, is one of the most popular destinations for those who want to move within EU. Work-life balance mindset and investments in start-ups make Sweden an even more attractive city for talent. Let's look at the numbers about talent shortage in Sweden. According to EURES (European Employment Services), in autumn 2022, 41% of private employers reported that they had experienced a skills shortage when recruiting in the past 6 months. When you look at the occupational level, there is a significant shortage of highly skilled workers in professions such as midwives, civil engineers, system analysts, IT architects, software and system developers, police officers, nursing assistants, specialist nurses, doctors, primary school teachers, and special needs teachers.

EURES in Gothenburg

When it comes to relocating within EU countries, EURES plays an important role. Briefly, EURES connects EU citizens who want to make a new start in other countries and employers that need talent. They provide various services such as matching job vacancies, advisory guidance, and support with integration in the destination country with their advisors in different cities and countries. Additionally, EURES offers a wide range of services, including job openings on the job portal, educating Europeans about their rights in other EU nations, and assisting in the resolution of formal process-related issues.

Gothenburg, one of the most desirable cities in Sweden for immigration, is home to two experienced EURES Advisers. Thomas Engel and Madalina Magnusson have been helping EU citizens who move to Gothenburg for many years. Thomas Engel has been working at the Swedish Public Employment Service with EURES-related questions for more than 15 years, both with Europeans on the move but also with employers interested in recruiting Europeans, mainly in the health-related industry. Madalina Magnusson works as a Talent Advisor for Business Region Göteborg at International House Gothenburg (IHG). Thomas and Madalina, as a team, explain from different angles how to best tackle the labour market in Sweden as newly arrived, from the partner's perspective, but also as international master students intending to remain and work in West Sweden.  

The Career Programme at International House Gothenburg

Apart from Advisory Services, Madalina and Thomas run different projects to reach more people who need help. One of those projects is the Career Programme, which has been operating since 2017 with assistance from EURES. The programme, that aims to introduce newcomers to the Swedish job market, is part of EURES mobility services and has been running with International House Gothenburg since 2021. Within the Career Programme, inspirational speakers explain the most common steps of recruitment, share experiences, and show examples of CV and LinkedIn structures. The programme consists of four or five interactive sessions. Participants who complete the programme receive a certificate of completion as a recognition for having worked with their strengths and skills, as well as their digital brand and way of communicating during the recruitment process in Sweden.

In pursuit of new opportunities in Sweden

Philipp Ecker from Germany is one of the participants of the Career Programme. Philipp's story ended up in Sweden, thanks to his family. After he graduated as an electrical engineer in Munich, he decided to move to Sweden with his girlfriend Kristina, where his family had already started a new life. One of the first things Philipp and Kristina did was to ask for support from EURES right after they moved to Sweden. According to Philipp, EURES was very helpful to them in their first year in the country. They received support from EURES for all information related to moving. One piece of advice from EURES was to contact International House Gothenburg. Upon the recommendation, Philipp and Kristina visited the IHG and became a part of the community. Philipp Ecker said that the events they participated in at IHG assisted them in Swedish society and working life. "I was impressed by how different Sweden and Germany are in their way of thinking and society, so it was even more rewarding to participate in this Career Programme. The numerous guest speakers gave us valuable insights into Swedish business culture, how to network effectively in Sweden, and how the recruitment process works. The Career Programme helped Kristina and I meet many lovely and interesting people on the same mission, with our approach to applications and adapting our CVs."

Bénédicte Lagarrigue, a pharmacist from France, is another Career Programme participant. She quit her career in France when her husband found an opportunity in Gothenburg. After a short while, they moved to the city, Bénédicte’s path crossed with IHG, thanks to one of her friends. Bénédicte says “The Career Programme is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Swedish labour market. The program gave us invaluable advice and tips on the recruitment process. It is also an opportunity to meet other international talent. I learned more about Swedish business culture and the importance of networking here in Sweden. I now feel more confident about entering the Swedish job market.” 

Article by Sule Kaya Hult

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