International House Gothenburg set to open its doors soon


We are pleased to announce the forthcoming opening of International House Gothenburg.

Our mission is to provide international talents, here to work or study, with an efficient, personal and professional reception with relevant service to enable integration into society. With this initiative we reaffirm our commitment, as a city and region, to welcome expertise from all around the world. This will be done by gathering information and services at a one-stop-shop.

The International House Gothenburg is designed to be a meeting place for global professionals and students, where welcome events, training programmes, seminars, network meetings and similar will be held. A key component is the advisory service for individuals on careers, housing, schools and other relevant matters. This service is currently available digitally, both to talents within West Sweden and around the world. Post pandemic this will, of course, also be available in real life.

International House Gothenburg is the output of several years of design, development and on-going testing of the concept lead by Move to Gothenburg.  

“It has been an exciting and challenging journey to bring this concept to fruition. The collective knowledge from our stakeholders and other collaboration partners together with the Move to Gothenburg’s teams targeted and sustained efforts have been the key to success. As a thought leader within talent attraction and retention it is extremely satisfying for us that this service finally will be available for all the international talents coming to our region, " said Niklas Delersjö, Head of Move to Gothenburg.

For international talents newly arrived in Sweden, the first point of contact is the Service center. Here they will apply for their Swedish social security number and ID card. Located in the same building, the International House Gothenburg offers a convenient and natural next step in the process of setting-up and settling-in into the region.

“We have, from the beginning, worked closely with our national authorities to get their important part of the process aligned with other necessary services. Despite the pandemic affecting our common objectives we look forward to taking the next step as soon as the situation permits,” added Niklas.

We are delighted that Gothenburg City through Business Region Gothenburg and Labour Market and Adult Education Committee together with West Sweden Region are taking this concept to the next step and opening International House Gothenburg. The key service providers presently are Move to Gothenburg, Labour Market and Adult Education Committee and EURES with more to follow.

Move to Gothenburg is a collaborative initiative that aims to attract and welcome highly skilled internationals, and get them to stay and thrive in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden. The initiative is run within the framework of a regional platform comprising stakeholders from the business community, academia as well as city and region.

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