Our Career Programmes in 2020


It has been an interesting journey this year! The self-development career programme, just as all our events in 2020, has been digitalized. We have had different format sessions, from individual coaching sessions in spring to group sessions in autumn.

The international talents who completed the programme received a certificate of completion as a recognition for having worked with their strengths and skills, as well as their digital brand and way of communicating during the recruitment process in Sweden.

We asked asked our trainers and participants for some feedback and how they experienced this new format. 

“In my job and in my business, the physical meetings are constantly present and recurring. Having to make the necessary changes to meet via digital platforms and through online-based meeting tools has been difficult, but also useful for future communication paths and for a broader approach.

In the career program that I participated in, we had the opportunity to respond to questions, provide information and, above all, conversations with international talents who are interested in working in Sweden and Gothenburg. I also hope that those who participated received the information and support they need to continue their careers in Sweden.

I think the digital solution worked well. But I still miss the physical meetings and cannot wait until this pandemic is over.” Jakob, Study Counsellor at Labor market and adult education, City of Gothenburg

"The session on mapping skills and strengths kicked off the Career Progamme and with the eventual objective of helping participants think of their individual career plans. In a new country/city, we professionals need to re-evaluate our options in different ways that are relevant to that specific market. And of course, our own needs.

We were so happy that we could continue to extend this programme digitally at a time when people perhaps need it more than ever.. As a trainer, i needed to change my style a bit to fit the new format. It was a  great learning experience too, as it always is, and that is what makes it worthwhile,” Leena Dhankher Joshi , Trainer and Communications Manager at Move to Gothenburg

“Thank you so much for such an inspiring, useful and structured programme and all the presentations. You made a great choice of speakers who really gave us a lot of useful insights, tools and what is even more important - energy and inspiration. I will use it for searching for a job here. And would be happy to stay in contact with you and all the network!” Aliaksandra, autumn 2020

We do have positive feedback from Career Programme Alumni contacting us or the trainers while mentioning how they have applied the tips and how this led to a successful recruiting process. In February we plan for an interactive array of session where you will also have the possibility to ask directly some of our Career Programme Alumni. Sign up to our LinkedIn group, should you already want to get in touch with them already now.

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