WELCOME MONTH : 9 Sep – 7 Oct '21


Events to get you started in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden. If you are an international talent, arriving or recently arrived here to work or study, we are looking forward to welcome you to the Gothenburg region, West Sweden.

We are sure you and your families will enjoy living in our beautiful region. We understand that as a newcomer, you will have many questions about your new life in a new city/country. We are here to help make the process of your settling down a smoother one. With this aim in mind, we have planned a series of exciting events for you post summer.

  • Newcomers Information Gathering: Get a better understanding of how to settle in, we aim to provide handy information that will make the process easier. Sign up here.
  • The Swedish School System: Understand the fundamentals of the Swedish School system and information that is good to know when you relocate with children. Sign up here.
  • Personal finances, Budget and Debt: Learn how to plan your personal finance and budget in Sweden. Sign up here
  • Swedish Business Culture: Valuable insights into and understanding into Swedish business culture.  Sign up here
  • Consumer rights in Sweden: Become a confident and well-informed consumer, learn about consumer rights in Sweden. Sign up here.
  • Get started with Swedish: Join us for a language lesson that will kickstart your Swedish. Sign up here.

We welcome you to West Sweden, a beautiful and exciting region with multiple cities: Gothenburg, Skövde, Trollhättan and Borås to name a few.