Your career in the Gothenburg region

Career Programme at International House Gothenburg

The second meeting of the Your Career in Gothenburg Region Spring 2023, at International House Gothenburg, was full of encouragement on Wednesday 8th March. The talents deepened their knowledge about the recruitment process and were guided by Filipa Rodrigues Simões, International Mobility Business Partner and Olof Persson, Senior Recruiter, both from Volvo Group.

“It was good to realize that we are not alone in this matter. Having the opportunity to talk to people who are experts on the subject, ask questions and interact with people who have similar interests keeps me motivated”, said Hellayne Keller, a Brazilian construction cost estimator and one of the 40 participants of the programme.

The inspirational speakers explained the most common steps of a recruitment, shared experiences and showed examples of CV and LinkedIn structures. 

Filipa Simões emphasized that, in the Swedish job market, each professional looking for a job has the same power as the companies in the recruitment process. She also invited the talents focus on what they can influence rather than worrying about the employer decisions or preconception ideas about gender.

“Do not stop applying for jobs. Just apply, because the only thing that you can control, in a recruitment process, is what you do: applying, connecting”, she said.

Empathically, Olof Persson added he believes applying for a job is a “fulltime profession” and has given for the international talents some insights about how colleagues can help them to define skills.

The self-development training programme is free of charge and is arranged twice a year.