Gothenburg’s automotive industry is strong and booming, in fact, it is the automotive capital of Scandinavia.

This growth is likely to continue with major companies investing large sums in R&D and facilities, and strategic partnerships being formed. For example, Geely from China, is developing a new 120,000 sq metre innovation centre. The Volvo Group is collaborating with private and public actors, and testing entirely electric and emission free buses in the city's public transport system. Meanwhile, Volvo Cars is moving forward with self-driving technology and is already testing prototype vehicles in real traffic on roads in Gothenburg. 

With around 130 establishments 25,000 direct employees, Gothenburg’s automotive industry is one of the world’s most knowledge intensive, per capita, when it comes to vehicle development. Gothenburg also has a large and mobile workforce including nearly 30,000 technology and IT consultants, and world-leading clusters in mobile data transfer, telematics and programme development. Our companies are world leading in terms of safety, selfdriving technology, electrification and connected vehicles.

This translates into an industry which is on the look-out for new talent.