Urban Development

Gothenburg is expanding and the city is densifying.

An estimated EUR 100 billion will be invested in property developments and infrastructure up to year 2035. Gothenburg is on a new path towards becoming a truly sustainable and interconnected city. The region is bustling with development projects and this is opening up tremendous job opportunities for talent in this area. The city needs skilled workers in all aspects of urban development to actualise its extensive plans.

Between 2016 and 2035 an estimated 105,000 homes will be built, with region expecting to create 120,000 jobs. At the same time major infrastructure projects are underway. In the coming years, Gothenburg will have a new cable car system, a rail tunnel under central Gothenburg (West Link), a new tunnel under the Göta River (Marieholm Tunnel) and a new bridge in the city centre (Hising Bridge).

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