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Recruitment and onboarding

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Move to Gothenburg arranges many activities, training programmes and events designed to help international students and professionals, as well as their families to build a life and career in Sweden. 


Before they move (0-3 months before the move)                                                                                    

  • Is help with accommodation needed? Can you as an employer arrange accommodation, or can you advice on how to find a home? MTG’s webpage has information.
  • For someone who is moving to Sweden for the first time, inform about what to pack and what to expect from  the move here.
  • Sending “hello videos” from the current colleagues can be a good introduction and make them feel welcome.
  • Tips on where to learn Swedish, since it is good if the earning process starts as early on as possible
  • Inform them about things you can do and see in Gothenburg, so that the employee doesn’t feel totally lost upon arrival
  • Give tips on different networks, Facebook groups etc that the employee can participate in, to get to know people
  • Inform about Move to Gothenburg and what help the employee can get for  his/her family.


When moving here (first month)

  • Have one of the new recruits close colleagues become their “buddy” for  the first 2-4 weeks. A person to give extra help and support, and that the employee can ask questions.
  • Let the chosen buddy pick up the new recruit at the airport and/or meet the employee before his/hers first job day, to show where the office is.
  • Let this “buddy” introduce the employee to all the other colleagues, and arrange a lunch/fika/afterwork the first week to more casual get to know people
  • Have a good and extended onboarding together with the new employee, where you sit down and talk about the office culture and everything applicable to your organisation, but also to Sweden and Gothenburg and how things work around here. Show and introduce as this will be the place the employee him self can search for information.
  • Have MTG’s webpage visible and easy to find from your company’s own webpage.


After they have arrived (month 1-3 in Sweden)

  • Continue to inform about both the organisation and Sweden/Gothenburg, since all that information from the first week can easily be forgotten
  • Check that the employee has all needed Insurances, like; Home insureance, Life insurance, Health Insurance, Accidental insurance, Pension, Employment insurance. Also check that the employee is listed at Vårdcentral and dentist.
  • Book a follow-up meeting 2-3 months after the job have started, to see how the employee thrives and if there is anything missing etc


Services and activities

Every Wednesday we offer a drop-in open desk service where we provide guidance and information to help internationals to establish themselves in the region, in both their professional and private lives. The services is free of charge. Learn more: Open Desk Service

We also arrange and co-arrange many other activities that provide newcomers with information, tips and insight on, for example, learning Swedish, starting a business in Sweden and much more. Learn more about our upcoming activities below. 

Upcoming activities and events



Event type
26 Jan
Move To Gothenburg

We welcome you to West Sweden, a beautiful and exciting region with multiple cities: Gothenburg, Skövde, Trollhättan to name a few. For those who ha...


Career Cabin - Webinar

Event type
27 Jan
Move To Gothenburg

If you are an international talent looking to localise your approach towards the Swedish job market, here to work, study or as an accompanying partner...

Thomas Engel

Open Desk Service- Video meetings and online chat

Event type
Advisory service
27 Jan - 24 Feb
Move To Gothenburg

Our popular service for international talents continues online, runs every Wednesday starting from 13.00 and on to 16.00. Please contact us through t...

Personal guide tool

Our Personal Guide tool provides your future employees with a personalised checklist of all the practical things they will need to take care of when moving to Gothenburg and West Sweden. Learn more: Move to Gothenburg - Personal Guide


The Guide – Move to Gothenburg

The Move to Gothenburg website is full of information and advice to help individuals throughout the establishment process. In our guide, we have divided the information into four sections based on where people are in the process: 

  • Moving to – things people need to know and consider before moving to Gothenburg and West Sweden. Learn more: Move to Gothenburg - Moving to
  • Setting up – tips and advice for new arrivals to get set up and settled as quickly and smoothly as possible. Learn more: Move to Gothenburg - Setting up
  • Living – from how to build a social life to things to see and do  information and advice to help people in their private life and get the most out of their stay. Learn more: Move to Gothenburg - living
  • Working – information and advice to help people people in their professional life. Learn more: Move to Gothenburg - Working 



Make use of our videos. We have produced several videos designed for your employees and their families that you are welcome to use in presentations or share on your intranet/website and on social media. 

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