Employer networks

Join our networks for employers

Move to Gothenburg is pleased to introduce two networks for employers in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden. Our aim is to bring together global minded leaders to discuss talent attraction and retention related matters by facilitating scenarios and environments for learning, sharing and collaborating.

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Communications network

We will build a true ‘network’ of communications. The overall aim is to create a simple output where we

  • Define strategies to leverage existing channels and tools
  • Identify key collective or individual target audiences and messages
  • Agree within the group on next steps
  • Link the above to create a ‘network’ of communications : that draws and shares success stories, articles and information on events, and benefits from each other’s platforms.  

Who should join?

  • Communications professionals of medium and large organisations in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden.
  • Senior managers from small companies, interested in the topics of international talent attraction and retention.

Write to mark.hooley@movetogothenburg.com to join the network or know more. 


Global mobility network

Many companies operate in a global environment, which places high demands on broad knowledge of how employees who work internationally / across national borders should be handled. We are now taking great new strides with our existing employer network, called the Global Mobility network. The network aims to, first and foremost, be competence-enhancing, where you will be involved as a group to set the agenda for the meetings that are planned to take place once in the spring and once in the autumn. In addition, you will get the opportunity to discuss / exchange experiences with each other and in this way can also learn from and be inspired by each other. 

Who should join?

For you and your employers, who work operationally with the talent mobility issue and with a focus on inbound to Sweden / Gothenburg region.

Write to mark.hooley@movetogothenburg.com to join the network or know more.