Why Study In the Gothenburg Region, West Sweden

Do you like the possibility of high quality but affordable education at some of the best universities in the world? Would you like to study on beautiful campuses in a country of abundant natural beauty?

Then you should take a closer look at West Sweden.

The entire Swedish higher education system is ranked as one of the best in the world. Environmental thinking and sustainability are a part of all aspects of life, including education. West Sweden region is home to some world leading universities with a focus on innovative learning, fostering creativity as well as research. Creativity has been identified by a global study of CEOs as one of the most important things you’ll need for success in your career.
So what does this mean for you?  

To start with, you can study at any of the five universities offering a variety of courses. Whether your interest is to study science and technology or gaming or fashion, there’s a university that is right for you. Each university has its own special features, but some things are common and applicable across the board.

  • For example, not only are tuition fees affordable compared to many places in the world but the government and several of the universities also offer scholarships to international students to help cover tuition fees and living costs.
  •   If you are a research student, this is the place to be! Sweden ranks among the highest in the world in relation to GDP for investment into research. West Sweden is not only endowed with stunning natural beauty but is also a great place to build a career and start your family. You can experience the social security benefits under the Swedish model, including healthcare, sick leave, child care and education due to state subsidies that make daily living inexpensive.
  • There are a number of opportunities for leisure and culture and it’s easy to meet like-minded students with similar interests to develop a social circle. Most universities have an international student support service which will help you during the settling down period. West Sweden city administrations conduct a number of activities specifically for students- at discounted rates or even for free.
  • On another note, Swedes are amongst the most liberal and broad-minded people in the world- they are at the forefront of equality, diversity, LGBT rights. You are free to be yourself.


Sweden County Report- U Multirank 2021- Ranking of Swedish Universities
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Chalmers university of Technology

Established in 1829, Chalmers University of Technology is a world top 100 university, ranked #1 in Sweden. Our student body is diverse evidenced by the more than 70 nationalities represented among our students. We are an applied technology university with more than 200 research groups combining research, entrepreneurship, employability, sustainability and innovation. We are particularly known for our Master’s programmes within Architecture, Engineering and Maritime & Technology management. With a Master’s degree from Chalmers you will always Qualify for a Global Career. "Come join us, become a Chalmerist!"


The university of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg consists of future entrepreneurs, financial analysts, climate experts, top musicians, designers and many more. Which means that students will benefit from an educational environment where different disciplines influence each other. The university offers 80 International Master’s Programme completely taught in English. In 2019 the University of Gothenburg was ranked number 6 in the world on the The University Global Impact Rankings. Sustainable development is a focus area at the University since many years.

The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the university is the largest arts faculty in Scandinavia. The School of Business, Economics and Law is the only triple crown accredited business school in Sweden.

University west

University West is centrally located in Trollhättan, close to shops, restaurants and recreation. The university's education and research are closely connected to the needs of the labour market and conducted in mutual collaboration. The university delivers cutting-edge research within a variety of fields like production technology.

It has a great practical result as 86 percent of University West graduates have a job within one year after graduation.

What's more, it's located in Trollhättan, which is only a short trip from the coast and Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city.

university of borås

The University of Borås, is a modern university with a beautiful campus in the city centre. 

The University of Borås has approximately 11 000 students and 750 employees. In collaboration with the public and private sectors, they conduct education and research of high international quality with great societal relevance. The national and internationally known Swedish School of Textiles and Swedish School of Library and Information Science are a part of the University of Borås, both of which have educational programmes and research. 

university of skövde

The University of Skövde is one of the most specialized universities in Sweden. Research is conducted within five areas: Informatics, System Biology, Virtual Systems, Health and Learning, and Entreprises for the future. For example, the university have produced crash simulation software for the automotive industry, evolved computer games for the healthcare industry and developed an entirely new plant that can absorb and store arsenic in order to clean the earth and to save lives. 

The University of Skövde is centrally located in Skövde and just a five-minute walk to the train station. The University offers educations in several different area and about 60 programs to choose from as well as a variety of separate courses.