Cycling near Örust in West Sweden

People making Gothenburg and West Sweden their home

Meet international professionals who have moved to the Gothenburg region, West Sweden.

  • Meet Yvonne

    From Hong Kong who enjoys the collaborative work culure, the relaxed pace of life and lifestyle here.

  • Meet Bilitis

    From Germany who likes the people she meets in Gothenburg, her work and the Swedish mindset.

  • Meet Niklas

    An entrepreneur from France who enjoys the innovation, creativity and freedom West Sweden offers.

  • Family moved to Gothenburg

    An American family enjoy work-life balance, the pace of their life, culture and nature of West Sweden.  

  • Martin's story

    A doctor from Germany who enjoys the closeness of research and science in West Sweden, the wind and ocean. 

  • Gothenburg in three words

    Gothenburg described in three words by people from around the world who have made Gothenburg their home.

  • Favourite things about Gothenburg

    International professionals and locals explain what they like most about the Gothenburg region, West Sweden.

  • Why Gothenburg could be right for you

    International professionals and locals explain why Gothenburg is such a great place to live.

  • International professionals helping to create the future

    Discover some of the exciting initiatives international professionals in Gothenburg are working on.