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Senior professionals

Are you a senior professional or an expert with some niche competence, looking to explore new ways to create value? With globally leading companies across a diverse range of industries, including automotive, ICT, life science and logistics, the Gothenburg region offers attractive opportunities for senior managers and executives. 

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A region moving forward

In 2021, the vibrant city of Gothenburg celebrated its 400th anniversary and is undergoing rapid development - as is the surrounding region. With a focus on sustainable development, billions are being invested in infrastructure and construction, including the Nordic's tallest building Karlatornet. The Gothenburg region is expecting to build 105 000 new homes and 110 000 new workplaces by 2035.

Construction in Gothenburg
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Rapid growth creates career opportunities

The career opportunities in the Gothenburg region are endless. The region has an extensive variety of trade and industry spanning more than 750 different industries. Gothenburg has been a center for global trade since the 1700s and the region is the home of several multinational companies, entrepreneurs and numerous companies operating in global markets. 

An attractive and multifaceted region

Gothenburg and West Sweden regularly score highly in European and global comparisons on everything from innovation and sustainability to human capital and lifestyle. Here are just a few examples:


West Sweden is an innovation leader among 240 European regions (EU's Regional Innovation Scoreboard, 2021)

1 st

World's most sustainable destination (Global Destination Sustainability Index, 2021)

2 nd

Best country in the world for business (Forbes, 2019)

3 rd

Most liveable city in the world for European expats (ECA International, 2021)

Tax relief for key foreign personnel

Sweden offers a tax relief scheme for highly skilled internationals, such as experts, researchers and people who hold vital positions in Swedish and Swedish based companies. The scheme means that 25% of a persons income is exempt from tax, for five years from the start of their stay in Sweden.

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A region of growth and innovation

Learn more about the Gothenburg region's key industries and areas of employment. Here you can also meet some of our partners who are key employers of international professionals.