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Heart Aerospace airplace

Heart Aerospace

Heart Aerospace work at the cutting edge of technology while contributing towards a sustainable future. They are developing a regional electric airplane driven by electric motors with battery derived energy.

Their mission is grounded in the outlook that electric air travel will become the new normal for regional flights and can be transformational in addressing the industry’s key sustainability challenges.

Test facility at Heart Aerospace
"Technology & sustainability"


Heart's mission is to create the world’s greenest, most affordable, and most accessible form of transport.

A passenger looking out of the window from a Heart Aerospace electric airplane
The team at Heart Aerospace


Heart Aerospace currently employs around 140 people with over 23 nationalities, and the company is growing rapidly and expects to employ around 500 people by 2025 in Gothenburg. Current open positions include: 

  • Engineering
  • Section Leads
  • Office positions e.g. Procurement, Communications, Talent acquisition
  • Open applications

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