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Life Science and Healthcare

Life Science is one of Gothenburg’s fastest growing industries and a major investment area.

Northern Europe’s largest university hospital, is located in the region, as well as one of AstraZeneca’s three globally strategic R&D centres. Here you’ll find a talented workforce, an ethos of collaboration and a proven ecosystem for innovation.

Gothenburg's major companies are striving for global leadership in their fields. It also has a strong and international research community, where innovations such as mind steered prosthetics, cancer vaccines and digital healthcare solutions are being developed. In many cases, our breakthroughs are being commercialized via the region's business incubators and science parks, and new start-ups are emerging constantly. Overall, around 600 establishments in this industry employ more than 9000 people.

Another connected area is healthcare, and there is a shortage of doctors and nurses in West Sweden. If you are a medical professional, you should take a closer look!

Life science in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a hotspot in the Nordics for life science innovations. With expanding clusters and cutting-edge collaboration, the region is well-positioned in a transforming industry.