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Prepare your documents

When you arrive in Sweden, you and all the members of your family must have certain documents with you.

  • A valid passport and ID card from your country of origin
  • A valid work or residence permit
  • A marriage or domestic partnership certificate for an accompanying partner
  • A birth certificate for each accompanying child


Other documents you should consider bringing:
  • Doctor or dentist files
  • Academic transcripts
  • Superannuation or pension documents
  • Reference letters from former employees and landlords
  • Proof or a letter showing that child benefits in your home country have ended

Upcoming events

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Grow your network

Event type
Networking event
18 May

As a new arrival in Sweden your social network is probably quite limited, but there are lots of opportunities to meet new people. ...

Girl in online meeting on laptop

You and the Swedish Labour Market

Event type
21 May - 18 Jun

Are looking to improve your job searching skills in the Swedish Labour Market or are you curious about how a Swedish CV should look like? You and the...