An image of a boat at Klippan in Göteborg

Visit the region

It’s a big and exciting step to relocate to a new country. By visiting or holidaying here first, you’ll get a taste of the region and you may be able to visit future employers. 


Join relevant social media groups

By joining these groups you’ll start building your network before setting foot in Sweden. This may help with things such as making friends and even finding an apartment or a job.


Inform your accountant 

Tell your accountant that you are moving to Sweden. He or she may have some helpful financial and taxation advice.  


Pack light

You can buy almost everything in Gothenburg and other parts of West Sweden. Don’t fill your bags with the likes of spices and teas; you can buy these once you’ve arrived.


Start learning Swedish

Learning the local lingo is an exciting part of living abroad and you don’t need to be in Sweden to start the process. You can make use of online tools and apps, and if you are lucky, Swedish classes may even be offered in your hometown.


Consider moving here in the spring

Like many places, West Sweden is at its best during the warmer months.


Pack clothing for all weather

Swedes have a saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. Basically, the locals like to get out and about no matter the weather.


Swedish customs and culture

Learn as much as you can about Sweden and its customs, culture and history. This will give you insight into what to expect and help you deal with culture shock. To get things started, visit the website