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Our Organisation

Move to Gothenburg is a collaborative initiative that aims to attract and welcome skilled internationals, and get them to stay and thrive in the region long-term. The initiative is run within the framework of a regional platform comprising stakeholders from the business community, academia as well as city and region. 

Lindholmen Gothenburg

Our guiding principles


  • Attracting talent from all over the world to create a better future and help the region and employers reach their vision. 
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  • Building knowledge and providing thought leadership within talent attraction and retention 
  • Identifying and addressing the needs/challenges of talent and employers 
  • Collaborating with relevant stakeholders to develop solutions 
  • Showcasing how talent can build their desired life in our region 
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  • We influence policy to improve the conditions for international talent and recruiting employers 
  • Keeping sustainability, diversity and digitalisation as key values when designing and developing our services 
  • We support employers and organisations to attract and retain international talent  
  • We design and communicate the total package of an attractive region, leading clusters and exciting job opportunities 
  • We provide tools, services and activities that support talent in their settlement process

Collaboration partners

The initiative is financed and run through our Trustees and Partners. The Board of Trustees consists of representatives from every Trustee and makes decisions regarding implementation and development. Our partners help finance the initiative and their representatives form the Advisory Board where they contribute important viewpoints.

Read more about our collaboration partners here. 


Contact us

If you would like to get in touch, please email us at info@movetogothenburg.com or contact us:
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