Our partners

Our partners

Our trustees and partners are amongst the most reputed organisations and leading employers of international talent with a great vision of creating a diverse and vibrant business climate in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden.

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How to become a partner?

Are you keen to work closely with us to make our region more attractive for international talent? Or do you have some specific recruiting and retention needs that we can help address?

Please contact Niklas Delersjö, Head of Move to Gothenburg, for further information. We would love to hear from you!

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    Niklas Delersjö
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    Head of Move to Gothenburg
    Speaker/speech summary
    Email: niklas.delersjo@movetogothenburg.com
    Direct +46 31-83 59 38
    Mobile +46 761-19 77 08

    Niklas is in charge of Move to Gothenburg and also responsible for partnerships and collaboration with external stakeholders like authorities and politicans. In addition he runs the development areas ”coordinated authorities” and ”housing”.
    Date: 21-06-24
    Time: 13:39
    Location: GBG