Register with authorities

Register with authorities

One of the first things you will have to do after arriving in Sweden is to register with a few government authorities.

Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)

If you plan on staying in Sweden for more than one year you need to visit the local office of the Swedish Tax Agency, in person, as soon as possible, to register in the Swedish Population Register and to receive a personal identity number (personnummer). This number is used when dealing with authorities, healthcare providers, banks and insurance companies, among others - so make getting one a priority. When you visit the Tax Agency, you will need to bring certain documents, which vary depending on where you are from and if you are moving here alone or with family. You can find details in the "Moving to Sweden" video below or on: Swedish Tax Agency – Moving to Sweden.

Once you obtain a personal identity number, you can then apply for a Swedish ID Card, which you can use as proof of identity. Not all foreign passports are accepted as a valid form of ID.   

If you are staying in Sweden for more than six months but less than 12 months, you don’t need to register in the Swedish Population Register. Instead, you should apply for a coordination number (samordningsnummer).

In Gothenburg, the Swedish Tax Agency is located at Första Långgatan 1, 413 27, Göteborg. 
For other office locations and for more information visit the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

If you are an EU citizen and don't have a Swedish personal identity number, the National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium) has information on what to do if you run into problems, for example, when opening a bank account or seeking medical care.  


Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan)

Once you are in the population register, one of your next steps should be to register with the Social Insurance Agency. After you have done this you will be eligible for Swedish social benefits such as sick leave benefits, parental benefits and subsidised dental care. Visit the agency’s website for more information and to register: Försäkringskassan.  


Moving to Sweden

A video by the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket 

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