A view of Skövde with a double rainbow from Billingen
image: vartskövde/Tobias Andersson

Skövde - A cosy, child-friendly town where life is the priority

If you want to have a good work-life balance and meaningful work, Skövde may just be the place for you. Find out from international talents why Skövde is so special and how they are helping to create the future.

How people and companies in Skövde are helping to create the future

  • Skövde is helping to create the future

    Find out how.

  • International talents are helping to create the future

    Watch some of the exciting initiatives people who have moved to Skövde from outside of Sweden are working on.

  • Which international talents does Skövde need?

    Find out the skills, competences and experience Skövde is looking for.

Why Skövde is special

  • Skövde in three words

    People from around the world who have made Skövde their home, describe Skövde in three words.

  • Why Skövde is right for me

    Rosario from the Netherlands, Nahid from Iran, Celia, Natalia, Ainhoa and Mikel from Spain and Petri and Leif from Sweden explain why Skövde is right for them.

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Living and working in Skövde

Do you want to live in a welcoming town where you can experience the exhileration of jumping into and swimming in a mirrored lake after work? Skövde is a town with running and mountain bike trails on the doorstep and where during winter you can ski ten minutes after finishing work.

Living in Skövde means living in a safe, homely town, where you can be yourself and enjoy the nature, culture and festivals. It's easy to get to Gothenburg and Stockholm on the train, so new adventures are never far away.

There is something special in the fresh air of Skövde. This town of almost 60,000 people, regularly produces multiple entries into the top ten video games in Sweden.

Skövde has leading companies and expertise in production innovation, computer games, fintech and the automotive industry. Companies work together to help ensure they push new boundaries and are helping to lead the way in these industries in the transformation to a sustainable society.

Game studios make great efforts to increase the diversity of game developers and the region has created an infrastructure, including a science park, robotics centre and an innovation and collaboration areana for companies and talented people like you, to thrive in. Are you ready to experience a new way of life? Welcome to Skövde!

Two people running in Skövde
Image: Roger Borgelid/Westsweden.com