Slotskoggen, Gothenburg
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Move to Gothenburg has a host of useful information and materials you can use and refer to, during the course of your global talent attraction journey.

Material to share with prospective employees

We have produced a brochure called "Come join us" which showcases the Gothenburg region as a place to live and work. We have also created videos that both present the region, the benefits of living and working here, and tips and advice. Both the brochure and the videos are available further down on this page. 

In addition, you should tip them about, where they can find information about the region and its offerings as well as a guide to help them pre- and post-arrival.  

Guide to recruit international talent

This is a tool created especially to help employers and companies successfully recruit international talent. Here you will find answers to some key questions as well as useful tips and suggestions.

This guide is available in English and Swedish and can be downloaded below.

Guide to recruit international talent

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Guide för att rekrytera internationell kompetens

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Come join us

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Photo to be used to accompany link to the Move To Gothenburg website

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Make use of our videos. We have produced several videos that showcase the lifestyle and professional opportunities in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden. These can, for example, be used in presentations, shared on your website/intranet or on social media. 

Find Your Beat in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden!

The benefits of moving to the Gothenburg region, West Sweden

Martin found his beat in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden

Bilitis Kruse from Germany found her beat

Nicolas Maxant is an entrepreneur setting ambitious goals

Yvonne loves living and working at a new pace

Need pictures?

If you are preparing marketing material to present Gothenburg and West Sweden to an international audience, you may find suitable material in the following image banks:

Image bank of Göteborg & Co

Official Image Bank of Sweden


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