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Move to Gothenburg provides a whole host of tools, services and activities that support your employees and their families in their settlement process.

Employee retention is an important factor for a productive and successful organisation both for the employer and for the individual concerned. There are some ‘soft tools’ below which employers can use in order to improve employee retention – it will increase your chances to keep engaged, productive, talented and motivated employees. 

If you do not have it already, develop a retention strategy which is realistic for you as an employer. Also, remember that each employee is different, and you will be more successful with your retention if diverse perspectives have been taken into account while designing the strategy and related activities.


  • Start with a well-thought-out Onboarding process 
  • Provide paid time off work for exercise and mental wellness training
  • Provide social activities at work on a regular basis such as lunches, after work activities, playing games, etc
  • Mentorship; pairing new employees with a mentor who is an experienced employee
  • Provide a plan for training/development
  • Transparency and ‘open doors’ – encouraging employees to communicate and ask for feedback and ideas
  • Encourage your new employee to ask for help
  • Encourage teamwork


Our Personal Guide tool provides your future employees with a personalised checklist of all the practical things they will need to take care of when moving to Gothenburg and West Sweden. Learn more: 

Move to Gothenburg - Personal Guide


The Move to Gothenburg website is full of information and advice to help individuals throughout the establishment process. In our guide, we have divided the information into four sections based on where people are in the process: 

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