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An aerial shot of the University West campus

University West

University West is Sweden’s leading university in the field of Work Integrated Learning – creating knowledge and development in the interaction between academia and the world outside. Through Work Integrated Learning, University West works together with partners outside academia to create new knowledge for a sustainable future.

A photo of University West campus with bikes in front
"Lifelong learning in working life."


University West act and work together with society to create a more sustainable world. Together with a wide range of partners they create knowledge and strive to make it more accessible.

At University West, the needs of their students and society take centre stage. University West works to help students become critically reflective, engaged social citizens with the skills that society needs.

Image of a healthcare setting at University West
A photo of University West


Three research areas are given priority at University West:

  • Work integrated learning.
  • Child and youth studies.
  • Production technology.

University West takes exchange students, Master’s students and also has PHD positions.

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students (approx.) at University West.


staff (approx.) at University West.