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An electric bus by the Volvo Group being driven on the streets of Gothenburg

Volvo Group

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines.

The Volvo Group has 95,000 employees, 12 brands and 190 markets. The Volvo Group headquarters are in Gothenburg.

Electric Volvo Truck on a bridge in Gothenburg
"A good ecosystem if you want to grow."


The Volvo Group’s vision is to be the world’s most sought after and successful provider of transport and infrastructure solutions.

Their mission is to contribute to increased prosperity with their transport and infrastructure solutions.

Volvo Trucks
An inspection of a Volvo Truck


The Volvo group recruits in the following areas: Engineering, Production, Sales and Marketing, Aftermarket, Purchase, Communication and Marketing, Finance and Business Management, HR, Logistics, Law and Security, Management Support, Organisational Development, Project Management, Quality and Environment, Property Management, Strategy and Brand, Product Design, Technology Services.

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"I really want to feel like I'm part of something greater.”
Wilma, Engine Fitter

is located in Gothenburg, West Sweden.


employees globally.