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Borås is the second largest municipality in West Sweden. With 114,000 inhabitants, it is a city that has a lot to offer.

Leading position in textile design

It is a large hub for the textile industry and clothing companies. It has been successful in creating a leading position for itself within textile design and development. It is also a trading town, with many international contacts and businesses.

Film about Borås

The film about Borås gives an overall impression of the city's profile including trade, industry, environment, culture and sport.

Location & connectivity

Borås has frequent train connections to enable easy commuting to study and work in other cities, such as Göteborg. It takes 3 hours by train to Stockholm by the fast train and a half-hour journey will get you to Landvetter international airport.

Location in Borås
Borås fashion center

Business & industry

Borås has established an attractive business climate and environment for investors and entrepreneurs. There are around 10,000 people working in 248 different occupations in Borås. Borås is not only a centre for design and trade, but also has a long tradition as a textile town. Many well-known textile and clothes manufacturing chains have their head offices in Borås, such as Hemtex, Gina Tricot and SVEA etc. Engineering and electronics are also a major part of Borås’s industry, such as Ericsson, Volvo Bussar and Parker Hannifin all have their offices here.

Leisure & culture

The city provides many exciting activities for leisure options. For example, there are many different kinds of indoor and outdoor pools for swimming and water activities. There are 14 parks and 160 playgrounds for families and children. Borås zoo has Nordic and world animals and is a fun place for families to visit. 

Borås has a museum, cinema and library. The collection at the museum of modern art has a focus on the contemporary arts among Sjuhärad area. Alongside their own exhibitions, the museum organizes the Borås International Sculpture Biennale in collaboration with the City of Borås. Sculpture and moving images are the museums main features. Red Kvarn is a municipal-owned cinema that shows international and national quality films. The city library organizes diverse cultural events for both adults and children. Such as language café, storytelling and international readers can find books in many languages in library collections.

Borås University

Education & reserach

Borås town operates a large number of preschools, family day care and comprehensive schools. There are around 40 after-school clubs, usually located in conjunction with the premises of comprehensive schools. Apart from the municipal preschools and schools, there are nine private preschools. 

Borås has 5 upper secondary schools, offering a large range of national programmes with various specializations. There are both programmes preparing for university studies and vocational programmes, with great options to choose from for the students. Within the vocational programmes, there is also apprenticeship training in collaboration with businesses in Sjuhärad.

For foreign background residents, there are two study programmes. 1) Short-cuts for foreign university graduates (KOVA ): the training, which is delivered at Borås University, is a labour market training course run on behalf of the employment service. The purpose of the training is to make it easier for people to get work that corresponds to the education and professional experience they bring with them from their home countries. 2) The other educational programme is Swedish for immigrants with university qualifications. The education in Swedish for Immigrants, SfI, is intended for immigrant refugees with university qualifications. 

The city is also home to the University of Borås, a modern university with a beautiful campus in the city centre. 

University of Borås

The University of Borås has approximately 11 000 students and 750 employees. In collaboration with the public and private sectors, they conduct education and research of high international quality with great societal relevance. The national and internationally known Swedish School of Textiles and Swedish School of Library and Information Science are a part of the University of Borås, both of which have educational programmes and research. 


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Address & contact

City of Borås Kungsgatan 55

Phone number: +46 33 35 70 00


For detailed information about Borås, visit Borås city's website.

Borås City