You are invited! Why Skövde, you ask? It is one of Sweden’s centers for Fintech, with world leading manufacturing companies and it is one of the country’s top cities to pursue a career in game development.  But wait, there’s more!

Innovation arena for smart industry and game development

The University of Skövde has a unique educational program. We are the innovation arena for smart industry and game development and are one of the top-ranked incubators for game developers and many creative startups.

Skövde is the main hub of the Region of Skaraborg, which is Sweden’s fourth largest labour market and is growing rapidly. You will find many interesting projects underway in and around the city. Our focus is expanding areas focused on developing innovation and research. We also want to develop new, modern, sustainable, twenty-four/seven, live-work neighbourhoods.

With all the convenience of a large city yet the cosy atmosphere of a small town, Skövde is a city full of opportunities waiting for you. Welcome to play Skövde!

People having picnic in Skövde

Location & connectivity

We love to be connected to the world around us and to constantly move forward.  We are centrally located in Sweden.  Skövde is an important hub for the whole region with fast, sustainable, and frequent transportation options.  From Skövde, you will arrive at Gothenburg Central Station in just over an hour and Stockholm, our capital city, is only two hours away via train. You can also enjoy 150 kilometres of bike paths as well as great public transportation which makes it easy to get around the city.  Let’s connect in Skövde!

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Business & industry

Time and time again, Sweden’s leading manufacturing companies choose to invest in Skövde.  Coincidence? We don’t think so.  Our many successful companies, start-ups and innovation arenas reflect our sharp focus on future solutions and smart technology.

The game development industry in Skövde is internationally recognized.  Talented individuals and experienced developers flock here to study, building careers in game studios and academia.  Games such as The Goat Simulator, Battlerite, Satisfactory and Valheim are developed by game development studios located here.  And if that isn’t enough, several of the leading Nordic Fintech companies form a cluster in Skövde.

You will find two Volvo manufactural plants in Skövde - Volvo Group Truck Operations and Volvo Cars Engine. Combined they form Skövde’s largest employer and are an important part of the city’s history and future.

Science Park Skövde

Sweden Game Arena – The hub of Swedish game startups

Studenter som tittar i mikroskop i labbmiljö

Education & reserach

Our curiosity and drive to always strive to be better and move forward has contributed to Skövde’s strong position as a nurturing environment for innovation and research.  By using the Quadruple Helix way of collaborating, we are well known for our strong collaborative culture that is based on the insight that we are stronger and can accomplish so much more together. 

The University of Skövde is one of the most specialized universities in Sweden.  Research is conducted within five areas: Informatics, System Biology, Virtual Systems, Health and Learning and Enterprises for the Future. For example, the University has produced crash simulation software for the automotive industry, developed computer games for the healthcare industry, and developed an entirely new plant that can absorb and store arsenic in order to clean the earth and save lives.  Ready for a new level? 

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Två kanoter i skärgården

Leisure & culture

The curiosity to explore and experience is reflected in our leisure time. You don’t have to go very far to be able to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, sports activities, culture, events, and great gastronomic art. In Skövde, you are only a few steps from beautiful nature, the city centre with a cultural centre, cinemas, theatre, cafes, restaurants, and shopping with a mix of major retail and small boutiques. Here you can be active, discover new interests, meet like-minded people and so much more. All are advantages of living in a mid-sized city located right in the middle of beautiful surroundings. 

We love to take our outdoor experiences to the next level. Close to the city centre, you find our beloved mountain, Billingen – a popular destination for both locals and tourists.  Here you can enjoy mountain bike trails in the forest or challenge yourself on one of our pump tracks. You can also enjoy elite cross-country skiing trails, have the family try an obstacle course in the treetops or high ropes course, ice skating, hiking, or just enjoy a cup of coffee with the magnificent view. 

For those who prefer indoor activities, we have Arena Skövde where you can swim or play in the action-packed award-winning aqua park, work out, bowl and more. In addition, Arena Skövde offers a popular arena for sporting events, fairs, and concerts. So many activities to choose from. Ready, set, enjoy!

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For detailed information about Skövde visit Skövde City.

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