Skövde is a growing municipality surrounded by great natural beauty. It is home to about 55 000 residents and the main hub in the Skaraborg region. Skövde is a big city in miniature – it has everything a big city offers, combined with the closeness of a small town. Skövde has a pulsating city core and you can enjoy a variety of culture, entertainment and sports – all year around. Close to the city center is the blooming mountain Billingen with a recreation area, waterfalls, small lakes and several nature reserves.

And best of all – it is easy to get here!

Location and connectivity

Skövde is located centrally between the biggest lakes in Sweden – Vänern and Vättern. It is easy to get here. It only takes an hour from Gothenburg, and two hours from Stockholm. Frequent train connections also enables easy commuting to study and work in other cities in the region. Also, local public transportation is well developed in Skövde.


Professional/industry focus

Volvo is the largest employer in Skövde, with 5,000 employees. In addition, approximately 40 percent of Skövde’s tax revenue comes from small companies that are owned by foreign background citizens and immigrants. It is a good city to startup your own business in and we offer support along the way.

Gothia Science Park is an environment created for growth and innovation with the support of IT and technology. Development projects within collaborations between companies, academia and the municipality are essential for creating knowledge and competence development that strengthens the companies in the region. With business developers and offices, Gothia Science Park support the region in becoming one of Swedens most interesting places for entrepreneurs.

In addition, Skövde is one of Scandinavia’s most important game development hubs. It is the fruit of the combined efforts of companies, academia and the municipality. Talented individuals and experienced developers from all over Sweden flock here to study, build careers in both companies and academia, and take advantage of fantastic networking opportunities.

Skövde is also known as a garrison city. In fact it is one of the largest garrison cities in Sweden.



Skövde has a well-established school system, from preschool to university and adult education. For example, the waiting time to get a place at preschool is only around a couple of weeks. Most preschools are run by the municipality, but there are also options of privately run preschools. There are upper secondary schools with differing emphases.

For adult education, the University of Skövde is famous for computer game design courses and the game development program. Besides, it has a well-developed system of municipal adult education with both theoretical and vocationally based courses.


Leisure & Culture

Skövde is situated at the foot of the mountain Billingen, a flat-topped mountain with a height of 301 meters. We usually refer to it as a mountain of experiences as it offers a magnificent view over the city, amazing running and ski tracks, fishing lakes, outdoor swimming and a slalom slope along with much more.

The city has many sports clubs and socializing associations with a large number of members. Skövde is well-known to many handball fans thanks to both a ladies’ and a men’s team competing at elite level. Soccer is also a popular sport, and there are many other associations for young to old. People meet and make contact through associations.

Arena Skövde is a multiple facility for indoor sports, swimming, rehabilitation, fitness and wellness. At Arena Skövde you will find the awarded aqua park, but also several other activities. Arena Skövde also makes the city an attractive and dynamic center for events and concerts.

The cultural and entertainment scene in Skövde is highly varied and offers something for everyone. There is a community center located in the city center with a library which provides newspapers and other literature in many different languages. There is also an art gallery, a city museum and a municipal theatre.

In the city center you can stroll along pedestrian streets, enjoy a coffee at one of our many cafés or have a bite to eat at one of the various restaurants. Here you will find all the major retail stores mixed with small boutiques. Many other shopping facilities are also available just outside the city center.


Facilities like hospitals, authorities

There is a wide range of civic services available. The municipality provides an integration unit for those newly arrived in Sweden. The Swedish labor agency, regional social insurance office and Tax Agency all have offices here. Moreover, most authorities are located near the city center and are within walking distance of one another.

Skaraborg Hospital in Skövde, with 1,500 employees, provides care to residents of the municipality and other neighboring municipalities as well. The health care system access is good and treatments is of high standard.

Regional Map

On our regional map you’ll find examples of, and information on, housing areas that may suit your needs. You can also see where the region's universities, and international and bilingual schools and preschools are located.

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