Trollhättan from above


Curious about Sweden and to do a career abroad? Check out Trollhättan, a beautiful city that can offer a nice life balance. There is a lot of international companies with a lot of interesting job opportunities, especially if you are an engineer.

Trollhättan´s got Turbo in our DNA but future mobility on our mind 

With 26,000 job opportunities, Trollhättan is a natural hub for the region. 

GKN Aerospace takes Trollhättan out into space and 90% of the world’s aeroplanes contain parts that were manufactured in Trollhättan. GKN Aerospace is a world leader in high performance engine components.

Trollhättan also offers employment opportunities with most of the world’s vehicle manufacturers? Our engineering expertise is unrivalled, and many of our consultancy firms take on projects for the worlds biggest car manufacturers.

A strong tradition of innovation and design often results in pioneering technical solutions and great driving experiences. Saab was first with its serially produced Turbo, and now many of our companys work with future mobility in different ways. 


This is Trollhättan. A city with ambitions to grow but still surrounded by nature. This movie is about Trollhättan made in Trollywood.

An image of the centre of Trollhättan at sunset

Location & connectivity

With its own airport, and double-tracked railroad, one European highway and three main roads connecting in Trollhättan it’s without doubt easy to travel to and from Trollhättan, even for guests travelling long distances.

It takes about 35 minutes by train between Trollhättan and Gothenburg. You can also take the train directly to Oslo or Karlstad. From the centre of Trollhättan, it’s only a 10-minute drive to the domestic airport with daily connections to Bromma airport in Stockholm.


Business & industry

Trollhättan's business life has a great breadth and still a strong base in the high technology that is being developed thanks to our international technology companies.

Trollhättan is a hub in Sweden when it comes to engineering know-how related to the automotive industry. Here there is world-leading competence in several technical areas and a great deal of know-how in technical application development.

GKN Aerospace has technical development and production in Trollhättan. The company is one of the world's largest suppliers of systems and components to the global aerospace industries. 

Innovatum is a bridge between business, research, education, individual actors and the public. Among other things, Sweden's most modern laboratory for production technology is located here - a 5,500 square meter meeting place for researchers, development engineers in the manufacturing industry and university students. One of the goals of the facility is to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish technology companies and to increase industrial production in Sweden.

The Center for Energy and Environmental Technology at Innovatum develops new sustainable products and services and makes the gap between idea and launch as small as possible.


A photo of Trollhättan from the water

Education & reserach

Trollhättan offers multiple choices of preschools, schools and childcare. The preschools in the city collaborate with comprehensive schools which includes compulsory schooling from preschool up to the ninth grade. There is also an English-Speaking School and one of the preschools have Finnish-speaking staff.

University West in Trollhättan is a modern university with an attractive and modern study environment. It offers education in close collaboration with industry and society. The university delivers cutting-edge research within a variety of fields, such as production technology. Work-Integrated Learning is the university’s overarching profile and constitutes an important, interdisciplinary, field of research.


An image of a lady kayaking in Trollhättan

Leisure & culture

Trollhättan is a unique geographical location with magnificent natural and cultural experiences. Here you will experience an exciting, interesting and wide range of culture, nature and food experiences that can be reached easily due to that everything is close to the city center. With a level difference of 32 meters, you can experience high mountains, deep valleys, Troll forests and shimmering water as the Göta river and its locks and canals create many different waterways straight through the central parts of Trollhättan. 

It´s easy to get a nice life blance in Trollhättan because of the proximity to nature and short distances to work, daycares and schools

That Trollhättan is an international and multicultural city is not surprising given that it has always been an entrepreneurial city that has attracted creative, imaginative and inventive people. The exchange with other countries, both in the form of labor and exports, has and is an important part of our success and development. Today, with University West, we can also add student town to our resume.


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Trollhättan city.