Trollhättan is a proud city with great ambitions. Surrounded by beautiful nature, the city is home to 59 000 people. The falls, locks and the river that runs right through the heart of the city gives Trollhättan it's scenic location.

The city is a key center for both the film industry and for automotive development. The cradle of Trollhättan, once characterized by heavy industry in the form of turbine and locomotive manufacture, is today putting it’s stamp on the future of research, development, science centers, events and business incubators.

Welcome to a city bursting with energy and the determination to build and grow!

Location & connectivity

With its own airport, and double-tracked railroad, one European highway and three main roads connecting in Trollhättan it’s without doubt easy to travel to and from Trollhättan, even for guests travelling long distances.

It takes about 35 minutes by train between Trollhättan and Gothenburg. You can also take the train directly to Oslo or Karlstad. From the centre of Trollhättan, it’s only a 10-minute drive to the domestic airport with daily connections to Bromma airport in Stockholm.

Business & Industry 

A strong tradition of innovation and design often results in pioneering technical solutions and great driving experiences. Saab was first with its serially produced Turbo, and now Nevs and many other companies in Trollhättan are stepping forward to develop the electric cars and mobile solutions of the future. GKN Aerospace takes Trollhättan out to space. 90% of the worlds’ aeroplanes contain parts that were manufactured in Trollhättan. Film production is just one example of how the creative industries have been able to thrive here. The nickname of Trollhättan is Trollywood – the film capital of Sweden.


Education & Research

Trollhättan offers multiple choices of preschools, schools and childcare. The preschools in the city collaborate with comprehensive schools which includes compulsory schooling from preschool up to the ninth grade. There is also an English-Speaking School and one of the preschools have Finnish-speaking staff.

Adult education in Trollhättan comes in three different forms: municipal adult education, special education for adults and Swedish for immigrants. All adult education must be based on the students’ needs and capacities. The municipality also offers different types of adult education and Swedish for immigrants (sfi).

University West is centrally located in Trollhättan and provides courses and programmes in English. With 15,000 students and more than 600 employees, it delivers cutting edge science and education in a variety of fields. University West is a leader within work-integrated learning, which emphasizes education and research in collaboration with society-at-large.

Leisure & Culture

In Trollhättan, it is easy to be active. For example, N3 is the music and culture school that others look up to. The N3 youth center has it all – from drum lessons to filmmaking. The city also has many non-profit organizations and associations such as sports clubs (soccer, badminton, ice hockey etc.). Two of the coolest playgrounds in West Sweden can be found in Trollhättan. Six artificial turf football pitches, a top-class skate park and scores of outdoor gyms are just a few examples. Together with the surrounding nature and water, Trollhättan offers a lot of activities for the family.

Discover Trollhättan's innovative side by visiting Innovatum Science Center, one of northern Europe’s greatest development centers. On the same area you will find Saab Car Museum with its collection of 120 cars. There is also an art museum in connection to Innovatum Science Center.




GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading multi-technology tier 1 aerospace supplier. More than 90% of the world's civil aircrafts contain engine technology from Trollhättan. GKN shape the future of flight and is committed to a sustainable aviation future. GKN Aerospace is growing and we need great people to help us shape this desired future. Search and apply - Careers at GKN Aerospace

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Regional Map

On our regional map you’ll find examples of, and information on, housing areas that may suit your needs. You can also see where the region's universities, and international and bilingual schools and preschools are located.

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