Why move to the Gothenburg region

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country to raise a family
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country for innovation

Innovation leaders

West Sweden is an innovation leader in Europe, and our companies and universities are world-leading in numerous areas. Here you can help develop everything from autonomous vehicles, and the super material graphene to life-changing medicines. And you’ll be working with forward-thinking, creative and collaborative people from all over world. 

The region seeks you 

The Gothenburg region’s business environment is flourishing. Unemployment levels are the lowest among Sweden’s metropolitan region, while job growth has been strong over a long period. Skilled workers are needed in a range of areas including ICT, automotive, healthcare, life science and construction. Read more: Move to Gothenburg - The opportunities.


Swedes are renowned for having a top work-life balance. With reasonable working hours and a guaranteed 25 days of holidays per year, you’ll have lots of free time to discover this beautiful region. Read more: Move to Gothenburg - See and do 

The great outdoors

From green and leafy parks, to deep forests, tranquil lakes and the island speckled coast. Nature is in abundance and never far away. If you’re feeling adventurous rock-climbing, horse-riding, kayaking, and sailing are just a few of activities on offer. 


“The popularity of Gothenburg – the birthplace of Volvo (and Alicia Vikander) – home to Michelin-star restaurants, picturesque architecture, sophisticated bar culture, renowned galleries and art museums, and designer shops – has exploded in the last years”

– Matilde Wergeland, Vogue 2017 

friendly and fun 

Gothenburg has several times been voted the friendliest city in Sweden. In addition, in 2017 it was voted the most sociable city in the world, scoring highly in terms of liberality, community mindedness and party atmosphere. The region is also brimming with culture and entertainment, as well as over 80,000 university students. Here you’ll find everything from Michelin star restaurants and hole-in-the-wall bars to renowned museums and Scandinavia’s largest film festival. 

Great for families

Sweden regularly tops the rankings when it comes to families. Childcare and healthcare are highly affordable and most education is free. In addition, 18 months of paid parental leave is offered per child and the government pays a monthly child allowance of around SEK 1050 until your child reaches the age of 16. There are many benefits of choosing this region to raise your family.