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Top tips for your professional life

Here we have gathered top insider tips from local experts and internationals to help you when working in Sweden.

Network through your interests and hobbies

People are often more relaxed and open during social activities. You might just meet a future employer, business partner or customer. See our Socialising and networking article for more information.


Say yes to fika

The coffee break, or fika in Swedish, is an important feature of Swedish workplaces. In an informal environment, you can talk to your colleagues or boss about work and private matters.


Hot lunches

It doesn’t matter how busy work is, your Swedish colleagues will usually make time for a sit-down hot lunch. So try not to overdo the sandwich-at-desk lunch. You should also keep in mind that decisions are sometimes made over a hot lunch.


Say yes to after-work

Swedes sometimes arrange a social drink with their colleagues, known as after-work. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, join them and have a non-alcoholic beverage. It’s a good opportunity to bond with your colleagues.


Punctuality is important

Your boss, colleagues and customers will expect you to be on time, stick to the schedule and finish on time.